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Skegness Blue

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Skegness BlueA little known medium soft cheese, but one that is starting to grow in popularity, with the mild, sweet, nuttiness normally found in continental cheeses such as Gorgonzola Piccante.

The cheese is fully blued throughout and would be a fine addition to any selection for a fine dining cheeseboard. A full boded red wine would partner this cheese perfectly and would be a great present for any blue cheese lover!
Codes C P V
Sizes available -
200g £5.00
500g £12.00
1kg £22.00
C - Cows Milk  |  E - Ewes Milk  |  G - Goats Milk  |  B - Buffalo Milk  |  V - Suitable for Vegetarians
P - Made with Pasteurised Milk  |  UnP - Made with Unpasteurised Milk