Traditional Farmhouse & Specialist Cheeses

Hampers & Gifts

Brie BakerDestined to be the new object of desire at parties across the continent, this double handed pot includes a lid and bamboo spreader. The Brie Bakers come in a circular faux wooden box resembling a traditional Brie cheese and are available in three fantastic colours - cream, cassis, rosemary.
Ceramic Cheese MarkersNames are important! Add a touch of class to your cheeseboard by marking each one of your cheeses with one of these delicately embossed ceramic markers. The set of six markers are presented in an elegantly flocked pull out drawer and come with a dry erase pen
C - Cows Milk  |  E - Ewes Milk  |  G - Goats Milk  |  B - Buffalo Milk  |  V - Suitable for Vegetarians
P - Made with Pasteurised Milk  |  UnP - Made with Unpasteurised Milk