Traditional Farmhouse & Specialist Cheeses

Continental Cheese

Gouda & cumin seedsA mild and creamy Dutch gouda mixed with cumin seeds to give a slightly spicy, curry taste.
Codes C P
Sizes available -
200g £3.99 
500g £9.50
1kg £18.00
Grana Padano WedgesIndividual wedges of Grana Padano, an ideal substitute for Parmesan at nearly half the price
Ideal for all Italian cooking that requires Parmesan, or simply grate on your pasta or salad - great for freezing and using as and when needed
Codes C UnP
Sizes available -
1kg wedge £13.50
Old AmsterdamTraditionally a Dutch Gouda that has been matured for 18 months, coated in its own black wax. The cheese is a deep yellow colour with a waxy texture, punctuated with a few holes. Moist and firm with a full nutty flavour, Old Amsterdam is best enjoyed on its own or to complement salads to give an added dimension.
Codes C P
Sizes available -
200g £6.00
500g £14.00
1kg £24.00
ManchegoA hard Spanish cheese, made from sheeps milk that is matured for a minimum of 6 months to give a full flavour.

An adaptable cheese that can be used on the cheeseboard, or more traditionally as part of tapas.
Codes E P
Sizes available -
200g £6.00
500g £14.00
1kg £24.00
GietostNorway's national cheese, made with a blend of goats and cows milk to give a semi hard texture
A sweetish caramel like taste that is dark brown in colour - ideally eaten sliced thinly with bread or crackers
Codes G/C P
Sizes available -
500g £10.00
1kg £19.00

Made with triple cream, this cheese has a rich and creamy taste with a slight hint of lemon. As a soft and creamy yet fairly mild cheese, this French cheese offers an excellent alternative to brie or camembert.
Code C P

Sizes available
200g £5.00
500g £12.00
1kg £22.00

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Camembert "Le Rustique"An ideal purchase alongside the Brie Baker, this rich and creamy camembert cheese fits nicely into the pot. It can be baked and shared with friends as a dipping cheese using breads, or enjoyed purely as the soft cheese alternative to your cheeseboard.
Code C UnP

Size available 250g
C - Cows Milk  |  E - Ewes Milk  |  G - Goats Milk  |  B - Buffalo Milk  |  V - Suitable for Vegetarians
P - Made with Pasteurised Milk  |  UnP - Made with Unpasteurised Milk